Learn how it all works.

Human Axie Club, is an NFT brand hosted on the solana blockchain. The club consists of 1,000 human axie NFTs who will fight each other for the best rewards in a METAVERSE world and very soon they will be in your hands.

Our story

We are a team of three gamers, developers, who love to play to win who are interested in using the brilliant Solana blockchain to distribute our art at a fair price without the gas fees. found on ETH.

Exciting tournaments with BIG prizes

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of our nft collection player who can play in our big tournaments to win an incredible prize

  • BIG prizes
  • Exciting news
  • Exclusive tournaments
  • And more!


Phase 1

Build a HUMAN AXIE community organically through Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

Phase 2

NFT HUMAN AXIE CLUB giveaways for early project contributors. They will be announced through our social networks.

Phase 3

Public minting date set for April 7, 2022 1000 NFT at 0.85 sol.

Phase 4

Release date set for May 10, 2022. NFT value 1 sol.

Phase 5

The 10% of the first total sale will be invested for the community distributed in raffles, gifts, scholarships, tournament preparation and prizes with a stipulated amount in USDT with an option in exchange for SLP, AXS, RON AND SOL (Only for members who have minimum 1 NFT). Where the community will have for life the benefit of 5% royalties for the aforementioned, plus the accumulated SLP generated by the scholarship holders. 70% of the SLP generated by each scholarship recipient will be your profit and the remaining 30% will be invested in future scholarships. A snowball effect will be created for the community, each month, the number of scholarship recipients and the amount of SLP will multiply. The other 5% of the royalties will be distributed among the creators of the human axie club.

Phase 6

Real life events accessible with your NFT. Meet and hang out with HUMAN AXIE CLUB keepers.

Phase 7

Owner of minimum 1 verified HUMAN AXIE CLUB, they will be automatically whitelisted for future projects.

Powered by a Team TEAM

Andrade A
Clemente M
Morales Y


Frequently asked questions FAQS

There will be a total of 1000 HUMAN AXIE CLUB.

May 10 2022.

The mint link will be publicly announced on our discord server.

The mint price will be 0.85 SOL.

You can mint as many times as you want, limited to 1 mint per transaction.

We plan to be listed on Solanart, Magic Eden, Solsea and Digital eyes.

We are a community incepted and made NFT project based in the Axie Infinity universe. We are not a part of Sky Mavis or a Sky Mavis representative.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • phone+44 0123 4567
  • emailcontact@humanaxieclub.com